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Artificial Intelligence

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Turbo charge your business growth with intelligent machines that facilitate ease of operations in the organization

Accelerating Businesses with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Businesses are showing a great deal of interest in growing trend of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. The automation of processes allows organizations to make more informed decisions, predict customer behavior, learn about past data patterns, predict future trends and take preventive maintenance measures. AI and Machine Learning are the drivers of the future for businesses.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the latest buzzword dominating the tech market. Machine Learning is responsible for extracting meaningful insights from complex business data to solve organizational problems. If applied accurately, Machine Learning can truly transform how businesses interact with customers, respond to industrial shifts, predict customer behavior and develop solutions for the near future.

Machine Learning allows businesses to enhance scalability, improve operations and perform better altogether. Many industries that deal with large chunks of raw data in daily life have now resorted to Machine Laerning. Thanks to digitization of business processes, AIXTOR Machine Learning has made businesses almost fool proof. Besides, staying ahead of the curve provides an extra edge to businesses over their competition which in turn accelerates growth. Talking about the benefits of using Machine Learning in an organization, here are the simple reasons to opt for the latest technology –

  • Capture customer behavior patterns
  • Opportunities to generate more value and save funds
  • Error-proof operations
  • Competitive edge
  • Predictive maintenance
Our team of experts can create Machine Learning model for your business based on your requirement. Our services don’t end at providing you the tool, we also train, model and customize the tool support your business’ requirements.

Chatbot Development

Have you ever tried placing an order through the Starbucks App or talked to Nykaa make up assistant? They are not real people; they are supremely crafted chatbots that deal with customers on behalf of the company. They are almost as good as real but only if created by experts like the ones at AIXTOR.

Chatbots aren’t just well-written codes; they are successfully built products that take your business to the next level. In the world of automation and artificial intelligence, Chatbots have become an integral part of brands who are constantly connected with their customers. Now because customers are at the apex of every business model it is only right to provide them unhindered, 24*7 service support that allows seamless shopping experience to them.

  • Conducting surveys
  • Answering customer queries
  • Promoting products
  • Providing instant quotes
  • Collecting customer data
  • Taking FAQs

Empowered with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, AIXTOR Chatbots are built keeping in my the nature of your customer’s query based on which the Chatbots provides desirable customized solutions. Chatbots built at AIXTOR are fully equipped to provide relevant information to customers on Facebook and e-commerce website. Other services that can be made a whole lot easier with Chatbots are:

Robotic Process Automation

The latest buzzword Robotic Process Automation is gaining traction because of its promise of easing out business operations, enhancing employee productivity and making the organization an overall profitable venture. Yes, Robotic Process Automation has transformed the way businesses conduct their day to day operations. RPA is a step by step process that allows businesses to automate processes and free up human workforce so that they can focus on more fundamental processes.

While PRPA has found its way through the most tech-advanced companies and multi-nationals, there are some organizations that oppose automation of business operations. The reason being the top management believes that employees would be ‘too free’ and ‘under worked’ if all processes were automated. Well, there is not one but plenty of reasons to support the cause of Robotic Process Automation.

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