How beneficial Intranet portal solutions prove for Business departments?

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For organizations, enterprises, companies dealing in any business, the need for Intranet portal solutions has only served them better. The reason is, it is never easy to manage and streamline the work communication and collaboration.

The benefits of intranet portal are not just limited to showcasing the virtues of employee intranet portal. It is basically the face of the overall departments that run through the organization. Every department has its own set of needs, and they process them all using suitable intranet solutions.

Here we will explain in detail about the different intranet remedies for the business departments.

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What is an Intranet Portal?

The basic definition of an intranet portal is a platform which serves the needs of a closed digital loop of people where they can access similar information and go through data updates and storage, as managed by the HRMS. Advanced features of data security, communication and collaboration make the portal even better in terms of information and relationship building with every single user using it.

Business benefits of Intranet portal: Departments wise

IT Department

The IT department is responsible for maintaining the hardware and software system know-how within an enterprise/organization. Intranet portal solutions help with these many functionalities to make the portal a success!

Intranet Portal Benefits for IT

Intranet Portal Benefits for IT

  • User authentication and access control: Core need of the Internet portal, user authentication is the utmost requirement for having a secure and easy login. An intranet Portal with advanced features makes sure to serve its users with a single sign in (SSI) option.
  • Role based access control (RBAC): An intranet easily restricts the network role of a person based on their designation.
  • Self-service IT support: Intranet portal solution for providing the best ways where the customers/users can themselves find solutions to their problems, queries and issues they’re facing.
  • Asset Management: Intranet as an asset management portal will help you to keep timely checks on the portfolio insights, using powerful functionalities.
  • Security monitoring: Intranet portal assures data security-based screening and monitoring like work hours track, data transfer and receipt, Wi-Fi connectivity and distribution monitoring etc.

HR Department

The HR department serves as the heart of every company/enterprise, dealing in the management of every employee and associated activities related to recruitment, administration, compensation. Having an intranet portal can assist through all these tasks via strong and advanced functionalities.

Intranet Portal Benefits for HR

Intranet Portal Benefits for HR

  • Employee self-service: It is the basic job of an employee intranet portal to give effective self-service to its users so that they can perform the tasks themselves.
  • Recruitment and onboarding: The employee internet portal also helps us to cope with the onboarding process, learning more about the company, the benefits of signing up etc.
  • Training and Development: HR intranet software can make training much more engaging. It supports the HR staff in supplying and managing every employee’s core needs with updated and organized information.
  • Performance Management: Under this process, the HR department can keep a regular check on every employee’s day-to-day performance based on training, and other activities as per their designations.
  • Payroll and compensation: An internet portal must be able to offer extensive self-service elements both for the HR and the employees so that they can have a close view at the updated and revised payroll and compensation benefits.

Logistics Department

This department within any organization looks after planning and coordinating goods/products/materials from one location to another using digital intranet portal. It takes care of the management, transportation, warehouse and distribution.

Intranet Portal Benefits for logistics department

Intranet Portal Benefits for logistics

  • Real time tracking: Logistics department can manage their on-field teams with real-time tracking functionalities over the intranet portal.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Logistics process can go through many stages where it requires them to revise and report about certain products and conditions. Functions like billing management, reporting a service etc. should be a part of such intranet portal utilities.
  • Customer Service: A customer service providing Internet portal can improve daily work interactions, and communication levels.
  • Data Analytics: Performing operational and daily data report analysis, business turnover report analysis, etc. are needed for future strategy making.

Business Operations Department

The business operations department of an enterprise primarily focuses on quality control, managing budget, forecasts and business practice. It also looks after supply chain management via intranet portals options.

Intranet Portal Benefits for Business Operations

Intranet Portal Benefits for Business Operations

  • Productivity Features: Business intranet portals let you create better business-based communication, operations etc. by providing room for increased productivity.
  • Task and Project Management Business operations department requires significant automation process for executing exact tasks and project management support system.
  • Process Automation Intranet portals provide excessive automated workflows that ease up the process of completing a certain process in less time and lesser cost.
  • Customer relationship management Intranet portals solutions should be simple, attractive and should provide ready-to-go CRM based solutions for the customers.
  • Vendor, Supplier and Inventory Management Intranet portals for business operations should be able to handle active vendor/supplier management activities to avail full benefits of portals.

Finance Department

Finance departments serve as the veins of any organization and use advanced intranet solutions to look after finance-related planning and sustain future plans.

Intranet portal solutions for finance

Intranet portal solutions for finance departments respond to following needs and functions:

  • Streamline financial information An employee intranet portal which allows you to manage the employee’s personal and finance related information. It also has a business intranet portal which allows you to keep a check on all finances by streamlining overall proceedings.
  • Automated financial workflows Automated workflows make complex tasks easier, for accounting, payable amount, amount to be received, deductions, beneficiaries etc.
  • Compliance and audit trail Audit trails process in the intranet portals helps to firmly track the transactions, accounting details, brokerage accounts etc. It further helps in revising financial resources for business perspectives!

Security Department

The security department of any business is responsible for looking after the different aspects of safe business proceedings. Data security and data compliance, cyber security, IT infrastructure protection, business confidentiality etc.

Intranet Portal Benefits for Security

Intranet Portal Benefits for Security

  • Centralized security management Under the security department, intranet portal solutions must be empowering its users to work with the sense of safety and security of their overall data.
  • Secure file sharing Intranet portals solutions facilitate secure document and file sharing options for its users.
  • Security policy enforcement For government purposes, the law enforcement needs are addressed via security police enforcement LEEP (Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal) or Law Enforcement Portal.
  • Disaster Recovery It is required to prepare and share the digital management plan with the emergency team concerned whenever such requirements occur.

Marketing Department

An organization’s marketing department is the search engine for that brand. It rolls down strategies to increase brand awareness and driving in more leads to make the company’s brand a better success in the coming time.

Intranet Portal Benefits for Marketing

Intranet Portal Benefits for Marketing

  • Centralized content management Giving a single platform for updating and managing the overall content for the organization and taking control of data sharing and collaborative content creation.
  • Customized dashboards Marketing intranet portals must be offering highly customized and responsive dashboards to keep a check on every current activity, related updates etc.
  • Integrated Marketing Tools Marketing intranets should be able to put different marketing-based tools and plugins in the same place to save time and effort to handle the tasks.
  • Event Management Using the employee event management internet, the manager can easily schedule and plan all the upcoming events and tasks assigned to the team members.

Stakeholders Department

Defining business goals, developing plans to achieve them, reviewing business operations etc. are the tasks that come under the stakeholder’s department. An intranet portal solution with highly automated features for data updating and analysis is required for this.

Intranet Portal Benefits for Stakeholders

Intranet Portal Benefits for Stakeholders

  • Access to key information Real-time dashboards play an important role in supplying access to key information, alongside secure log-in and team member additions as required.
  • Finance Reports Engage with your clients to build long term trusted relationships by extensive finance reports creation, management and analytics using the stakeholder-based intranet portals.
  • Data analytics and reporting Check on all historical records, updated data for analytics and report errors, or complaints for any issues occurring.


Be it an employee intranet portal or any other form, it’s the functionalities of that intranet portals that create the difference. Simple things like an attractive user interface, an easier search and navigation bar, customized data optimization, self-service etc. give it the best shot for the users to use the online portal even more. If you’re also planning to have your brand’s own intranet portal, then you can contact us, Aixtor technologies, at any time!

We will make sure your business requirements are addressed and achieved with a highly advanced intranet portal solution.

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