Top Reasons You Should Opt For A Business Distributor & Supplier Portal


Management of the fast-paced supplier’s business comes with the need for a highly responsive distributor & supplier portal. There are a ton of things that you may need to check out and have details about. a supplier portal for your business, which can be the ultimate solution you are looking for!

What is a Distributor & Supplier Portal?

A supplier portal, or vendor portal, as it is called, is a platform where businesses can handle their overall digital data related to supply and distribution. The revolution of AI in the IT field has made it even better for the web features to assist the suppliers in their best format. In this era of superior technology, businesses can perfectly streamline their procurement processes to improve supply chain activities, communication, and collaboration.


A supplier portal can be a very powerful tool for your immediate and future business management needs. You can use the portal to manage your customers needs, contacts, shipping and tracking information, and other details as well.

How is it going to happen?

We’ll let you know everything in the blog here:

Firstly, you must learn about the essential elements of the supplier portal:

Essential elements of Distributor & supplier portal

Have you ever though why do you need a distributor and supplier portal?

When we talk about the essential elements, they can vary from business to business. Hence, it may or may not be valid for every other business to take on the basic points. Based on our extensive research for most of the popular businesses around the world, we’ve come up with the five most important elements necessary for giving the best supplier portal examples:

1. A super personalized Dashboard

Having a personalized dashboard for your portal is only going to ease up the work. It’s a primary way to increase supplier productivity and make the task easier for customers as well. An ideal supplier portal should be able to support AI-based dashboards, which could easily help the vendors find the right information using the advanced technologies that could be implemented. Be it a sales, logistics, or accounting department, anyone could be able to find it easily via the dashboard sections.

2. Strong content management

A supplier portal is constantly loaded with tons of new data that is updated by vendors from time to time on the availability of the product and its tracking. This data and reports based on them could get missed in the absence of strong content management. Based on the needs of the data format, there must be separate arrangements for image files, word files, forms, PDFs, certificates, government-based documents, etc.

3. Highly automated workflows

Automated workflows refer to the optimization of the workflow process of the supplier portal. for instance, like data uploading, approval requests, stock and tracking-related data updates, etc. An automated workflow eases up the hierarchy of data upload and review through the array of vendors, customers, or people it will go through. Especially for tracking and audit purposes, this kind of workflow is the best!

4. Encouraging Self-Service

Today, web portals are competing with self-service options and functions. You empower your business by emphasizing your customers. When they feel they are more important, they will look forward to achieving their optimism through your services. Enabling your customers to perform the basic jobs by themselves will only give them the satisfaction of knowing that their work has been successfully completed by themselves. They will also not feel the need to contact any sales representative for mere data filling or other purposes.

5. Superior Integration

Digital portals like the ones made as buyer-supplier portals must be able to support superior integration. If your web portal could integrate with other systems easily, like in just one distributor portal login, etc., then chances are the customers and vendors could possibly use it more in different sets of systems. Ideally, it should include more ERP and CRM integration. Further, you can look for services like front-end and back-end APIs, PIM, or MDM as well.

What are the benefits of distributor and supplier portal?

It’s the simple changes that will do miracles for the people. For running the best vendor portal for business, you will just have to think from the vendor’s perspective. What do your customers want? How can you provide the best associated benefits to them? Can they connect with your site easily? or view their product orders and other details, etc.? Giving the vendors a better and more manageable supply chain will help them keep better track of their stock.

The best uses and benefits of the distributor & supplier portal includes –

  1. Improved communication platform: The distributor and supplier portal must be able to provide a centralized communication hub.
  2. Data Information tracking: For enhancing the collaboration purpose, the supplier portal must have features to keep track of important information and updates, such as order updates and product availability, enabling users to search and share their data quickly.
  3. Stock update: Streamlining the product processes for stock, availability, order, and approval, as in automating the ordering and inventory management processes.
  4. Customized automation: With extensive automation processes, the supplier portal should be able to manage the data according to the requirements and specifications, saving time and effort.
  5. Increased data efficiency: Data visibility, data efficiency, and data control by authorizing complete data security to protect sensitive or confidential information and keeping track of orders, order status, and deliveries.

Final words:

So here are the major lookouts for the most needed points in the distributor and supplier portal and their descriptions: More emphasis should be placed on providing better customer satisfaction. Creating a supplier portal is way too easy using the latest LCNC features from Liferay. You can ask us as well; we help businesses get their ideal supplier portal whenever they need to have a new one or upgrade an existing one. Aixtor always looks forward to making your business purpose a better highway and leading it to new heights of potential success!

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