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Automating end-to-end delivery pipeline with DevOps

Setting up a DevOps toolchain is just one part of the automation journey; the real challenge lies in using the implementation effectively. Choosing the right tools, integrating them efficiently and setting up the pipelines to ensure an automated way of releasing your software is a skill dependent, intense process that can take months to materialize.

At AXITOR, we will help you understand what is needed for your organization, implement the right solution and ensure proper utilization of your DevOps platform. We will also help you automate the entire set up, so that no manual intervention is needed as the software progresses through multiple cycles of development and release.


Devops Assessment

Know the benefits of DevOps but are not sure where to begin? Have a few tools installed but would like a complete toolchain with pipelines set up?

Unsure of why your DevOps set up is not providing the right results?

What you need a professional assessment of your organizations Agile and DevOps implementation. AIXTOR will work by your side understanding and aligning your business goals and your IT set up to implement a mature DevOps platform that ties in perfectly with the management processes you have identified.

Devops Automation

Faster time to market, increased competitive edge, aggressive business plans are the most common elements that make an organization successful, and the easiest way to achieve these are by ensuring that a robust process automation is implemented across the enterprise.

DevOps is the way ahead and when used in the right way, it can reduce your product’s cycle time to the customer significantly. DevOps automation brings together a structure to the project or product management process implemented in your organization. By integration the latest DevOps tools in the market and automating the pipeline flows, AIXTOR can help you reduce errors, dependencies and costs.

AIXTOR brings to you a wealth of experience in implementing DevOps toolchains and automating the way the code flows through the phases of DevOps in a secure and controlled environment. Enable your developers, testers, and operations team work more independently and transparently while stabilizing your software development process.


Continuous delivery and deployment

Operate Monitor

Continuous operations


Continuous integration and testing

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