Enterprise Content Management

Empowering Enterprises With Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ECM will help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency by integrating and providing instant access to all your content on a digital platform.We offer a fool-proof solution to accomplish corporate challenges and accelerate productivity with a more cost-effective and streamlined approach.

AIXTOR ECM Solution Portfolio

Web Content Management

We provide a sophisticated Web Content Management solution which enables you to manage and gain access to all your digital content in the form of a streamlined and secure virtual repository.

Document Management

A smart and sophisticated solution to store, maintain and manage all your important documents and files with integrity and order. Our Document Management System is all about combining ease of access with security and we understand exactly how important it is for you to maintain a detailed record of all official documents.

Enterprise Content Management

A 360-degree Enterprise Content Management Software to enable all-round control over content creation and existing content banks so that you get streamlined access to everything you need with regards to content management through a single integrated system.

AIXTOR Enables Enterprises with Core ECM Capabilities

Content Authoring

Intelligent automation tool and your solution to create immersive e-learning courses that are interactive and enjoyable.

  • Digital Experience Management
  • Digital Experience Management

    Transform your customer’s digital experience through a game-changing and efficient solution that is quick to process and ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Workflows and Collaboration
  • Workflows and Collaborationg

    Create unique, result-oriented workflows that increase collaboration and improves time-management among employees. Integrate task lists and deadlines with greater efficiency Cost-Effective improve working conditions.

  • Content Repositories
  • Content Repositories

    Manage and optimize content storage and retain ease of access to digital content repositories with a simple and effective content management solution.

  • Deliveries
  • Deliveries

    Improve quality and ensure time-bound content delivery using a single platform that accelerates content creation and processing and adheres to deadlines with sophistication and accuracy.

    Why do you Need an ECM?

    An Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) enables organizations to achieve business goals by optimizing its content management process and making it more marketable across all digital platforms.


    With a proper strategy and clarity on objectives in place, an ECM can make long term growth a cost-effective and efficient process by making information available to different groups of people working towards various short-term goals at beck and call.

    Collaborative Productivity:

    An ECM system ensures productivity is achieved as a collaborative effort by people with different kinds of expertise, all with the help of one integrated solution or application.


    ECM solutions optimize communication processes and content by providing streamlined access to all digital content banks. This ensures you cancarry out business operations more consistently and with continuity.

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