Enterprise Portal Development


Portal Development

Designing, Developing and Implementing Intuitive secure Enterprise Portals

AIXTOR offers state-of-the-art and sophisticated Enterprise Portal solutions that are designed to optimize the productivity of your workforce through streamlined integration of communication and workflow management and quicker activity processing.

Enterprise Portal Services

Enterprise Portal Development Services

We at AIXTOR follow disciplined and thorough development practices that ensure there are no hiccups in operating your Enterprise Portal and enable the smooth functioning of your organization with a no-nonsense approach and extreme efficiency.

Enterprise Portal Integration Services

We offer Integration levels in Enterprise Portals as per your preference and make sure that you are able to manage your organizations workflows and employees with relative ease through a solution that has been tailor-made for your needs.

Enterprise Portal Optimization Services

Our Enterprise Portals are designed to enable maximum optimization of your organization’s resources and simplify task management so that you can encourage productivity and dedication out of your workforce while keeping wastages at a minimum.

Our Liferay Portal Solutions

We offer a wide variety of Enterprise Solutions that are designed with flexibility and practicality as per the client’s personal preferences and requirements. Our Enterprise Solutions Include

Intranet Portal

The perfect solution to integrate and digitize your workforce and manage task allotment and management in an intuitive and efficient manner. A must-have for small and medium size businesses that are always looking to get maximum productivity out of its human resources.

Partner Portal

A convenient and sophisticated solution to effectively communicate and manage information, resource sharing and data access with all your business partners including distributors, resellers and service providers through a single digital and automated platform.

Knowledge Portal

Our knowledge portal solutions are sophisticated platforms in order to accommodate, consolidate and provide access to learning resources and information repositories of all kinds. These portals are designed to educate and provide information at a user’s beck and call in a detailed and well-arranged manner.

Self-Service Portal

Enable and empower your customers to seek out and avail services on their own through a smartly designed and practical Self-Service Portal. We ensure that your customers have a convenient and comfortable time exploring your services without requiring any inputs on your part.

Why AIXTOR for Enterprise Portal Development?

AIXTOR provides some of the most transparent and integrated Enterprise Portal solutions that your organization can make the most out of in order to improve workforce efficiency and encourage them to be their own Taskmasters with the best of both worlds; Comfort and Productivity.

AIXTOR offers a wide range of Enterprise Portal services that are flexible to client demands and feature a large number of options to choose from in order to really get the most out of your organization’s resources.

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