Liferay Migration Services


Migration Services

Enabling a Hassle-free Migration from Proprietary Technology Platforms to Liferay DXP Platform

We facilitate businesses to migrate from propriety legacy, expensive, and inefficient systems with Liferay Portal Migration Services with high-security and minimal downtime. We facilitate up-gradation and migration, leveraging an automated migration toolkit. With our domain expertise, we understand how to assess and document existing processes, dependencies comprehensively, and issues when carrying-out migration plans. Liferay DXP's innovative features empower businesses to gain a competitive edge while reducing business costs, time, efforts, and down-time.

Liferay Portal Migration

Our proven Liferay migration services facilitate you get the most out of your transition from legacy systems of Liferay DXP platforms by leveraging a combination of our Migration Accelerator tool and best practices for Liferay upgrades.

With our domain expertise, we are continually enhancing digital experiences for businesses with Liferay DXP migration while enabling businesses to avail tangible business benefits with low-cost and high-quality portal migration services.

We help businesses with:
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Complex architectures
  • Migration for Obsolete Technologies
  • Integration Challenges with Legacy system
  • Maintenance and Support Issues
  • Deployment Issues during Upgrade

Liferay Migration Process

We enable businesses to migrate from their prevailing portal solutions to commercially sustainable Liferay Enterprise Solutions with minimal business disturbance and down-time.
1. Migration Planning

Safeguarding business continuity is our primary concern while migrating to Liferay solutions from any business ecosystem. We help design a thorough plan for the migration routine and identified upgrade processes, plugins, coding, and extension support. After a thorough plan has been approved, we begin the workflow and data migration process to a mature Liferay platform.

2. Migration Requirement and Analysis

Charting processes, workflows, and definite business requirements with our technical and functional know-how to enhance the Liferay Digital Experience Platform's performance. Building long and short-term ROI accompanied by evaluating existing and future requirements of the Liferay portals.

3. Migration Designing

Updating the Liferay portal to offer a unifying customer experience to enhance performance for both Web and Mobile users, leveraging Liferay modular components. Our UI & UX experts provide excellent interfaces to enable interactions between humans and digital platforms

4. Portal Migration

Marking the end of the Pre-migration phase, we commence the actual Migration and Upgrade of business portals in this stage. From skinning and stripping the codes to remote new themes and information, we pertain to custom components, libraries, and functionalities for smart Mobile and Website portals designed to transform digital experiences.

5. Migration Quality Assurance

Safeguarding that the Migration and Upgrade process for Liferay Portals has accomplished, we meticulously prove every component and module with rigorous testing. Our testing experts check and approve various testing methods using manual testing and selenium based automated testing.

6. Migration Promotion and Production

We design a roadmap for crucial processes while implementing the full Liferay Portal Migration project. We release test results, tone down challenges, and regulate training for end-users and administrators to manage the entire portal from a single dashboard

Why Choose Us?

A business modernization strategy depends on successful migrations. In reality, most businesses face scarcity with the technical resources, time, or knowledge required to smoothly migrate portals across technologies and platforms — resulting in business risk, disturbance, and downtime. Our specialist migration team possesses the strategy, planning, and execution expertise a business requires across all portal migration scenarios — so a business can modernize faster and more successfully while safeguarding the business.

Avail of our domain expertise in Liferay DXP Migration:

  • Apt approach to upgrade planning
  • Leverage resourceful Liferay Portlets
  • Smoothly migrate all content, databases, and applications
  • Top-notch quality assurance for the upgrade
  • Liferay Best Practice Expertise

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