About the Webinar:

Are you ready to supercharge your business growth with Low-Code/No-Code capabilities?

Join our exclusive webinar where we explore the power of Low-Code/No-Code and how it can excel innovation and efficiency within your organization, using Liferay DXP.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to use Liferay DXP in order to meet the expectations of today's market. We will also cover:

  1. Introduction: Get to know from our industry experts who will guide you through the world of Low-Code/No-Code in Liferay DXP. The brand new and in-trend Low code/No-Code approach coming your way...

  2. What is Low-Code/No-Code? Discover the Low-Code/No-Code approach and how it empowers businesses to build applications faster with minimal hand-coding. A lot of traditional time saved, with increased business productivity and delivery!

  3. Why do Businesses Need Low-Code/No-Code?: Learn why leading companies are embracing Low-Code/No-Code to accelerate their digital transformation and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. Fully automate your business from simple functional processes to enterprise-level wide operations using the new Low-Code/No-Code features!

  4. Where can Businesses Use Low-Code/No-Code?: Explore real-life examples of how Low-Code/No-Code can be leveraged to streamline processes and innovate across different business functions!

  5. How Liferay 7.4 feature fits as an Ideal Low-Code/No-Code Platform? Liferay DXP favors your business ambitions by optimizing digital experiences with extremely real-time and data-driven insights. Its exclusive Low-Code/No-Code approach ensures a rich digital user experience.

  6. Use Cases for Liferay DXP's Low-Code/No-Code Capabilities: Delve into practical use cases and refer success stories where organizations have achieved significant business impact using exclusive Liferay DXP's Low-Code/No-Code features!

  7. Conclusion: Summarize the key takeaways and the potential impact of adopting Low-Code/No-Code capabilities in Liferay DXP. Using the insights, you could really build up your target audience and leverage your market potential as well...

  8. Q&A Session: Engage directly with our experts and get your questions answered during the live Q&A session.

Why Should You Join This Webinar?

  • Unlocking Low-Code/No-Code Potential

  • Seamless Integration

  • Enhance Customer Experience

  • Real-Life Use Cases & Success Stories

  • Interactive Q&A Session

Take a look at our exclusive webinar presentation and shared recording, where our event speakers shared tip-toe details about LCNC implementation, its features, and the benefits it holds for your business.

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