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Custom Intranet Portal Development

Employees, partners, customers, and stakeholders all have a crucial role in the success of your enterprise. In the current fast-paced digital world, competitive business landscape, making sure this group has access to the right information at the right time, is business critical to help them make the right decisions.

Intranet portals facilitate enterprises to raise the speed at which business is done, as ideas are generated faster, shared more efficiently, and people engaged are seamlessly aligned with quickly evolving business agendas. Aixtor’s Intranet portal services can assist you to succeed in the present-day competitive landscape by cutting down Intranet barriers and encouraging Intranets, to achieve better business outcomes.

Addressing Information Management with Intranet Portal

Facilitating an enterprise achieve optimum efficiency in communication and planning. From producing relevant content to sharing content, Aixtor’s Intranet portals have all the best-in-class features an enterprise can ever think of.

Document Management

Managing the online and offline document is a headache for most of the enterprises. Our Intranet portal enables you to store, organize, share and collaborate on any document or media file. We also allow an intelligent role-based workflow that automatically notifies the when someone approves, rejects, downloads, uploads, adds comments or views a document.

Task Management

We facilitate an enterprise with a comprehensive task management system that enables to check tasks, across multiple projects, on a unified screen. Enabling to view due dates, conversations, files, checklist, time-log for every task in a single place thus, saving time. The Intranet portal also allows to re-assign work, add resources and re-prioritize.

Employee Self-serve

Allowing the people in the ecosystem to generate, organize and distribute their respective work across diverse verticals without having to intervene. Thus, saving costs and time. Intranet portal from Aixtor is developed with the idea to centrally empower everyone in the ecosystem to work towards self-service.

Unified platform to collaborate

We ensure that all the stakeholders like employees, clients, vendors, suppliers, directors in the ecosystem are connected on a single unified portal. This would allow the customer’s queries to be sorted more rapidly and automatically.

Resource allocation

The most significant drawback for any enterprise is resource allocation. Our Intranet combats this and displays real-time information by tracking project management document online to demonstrate which resources are available for work allocations. Constant alignment of resources optimizes and streamlines the business processes.

Project Management

We empower enterprises to manage projects online by allowing them to share an update, asking questions, polling, recognize a team member and more. Thereby allowing more transparency and visibility during the entire project execution. This also gives insights to ensure projects run on the track, and that you’ve enough resources to execute it.

Our Offerings

Aixtor helps build completely customized Intranet portals/software that satiates your business requirements. We design, develop, deploy and maintain portal systems for every business type and across diverse industry verticals.

Strategic Consulting

Our skilled Intranet portal developers help you accomplish strategic marketplace business goals. Our consultants attempt to deliver high impact solutions to enhance your operational reach and improve the ROI

  • Architecture Design
  • Architecture Design

    After considering your specific requirements, our team involves in devising the best, easy-to-comprehend project blueprint. The design comprises of guidance, specifications and staff actions

  • Development and Implementation
  • Development and Implementation

    We offer full-cycle marketplace and Intranet portal development solutions that encompass every aspect of portal development and deployment phases.

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Support and Maintenance

    Aixtor is devoted to catering high-levels of support and maintenance service to our clients. Be it concerning business management risks or identifying the embedded flaws.

    WHY Intranet Portal?

    A completely tailored Intranet portal offers several tangible and direct benefits. Besides the mentioned objectives of sharing information, it also functions as an intermediate open source Intranet tool where everyone in the ecosystem can create, publish and share relevant content.

    • Lower Operational Costs
    • Business process optimization
    • Increased conversations and engagements
    • Optimal resource allocation and time management
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Real-time updates and tracking

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