How Intranet portal solution helps to secure your business?


Intranet portal solutions have always rocked the internet. Since the start, they’ve been introduced, and to date, intranets haven’t lost their importance. Digital organizations throughout the world are driven by information, and having a SharePoint intranet will definitely address the majority of information transfer and communication-based needs.

What is Intranet portal?

An intranet is an internal digital environment where an authorized set of people are allowed to see through the same information shared within their organization. An intranet portal is the gateway that unifies this access.

For instance, suppose an organization has 1000+ employees and the board, HR, or CEO needs to share any important information with only their employees. For this, they will implement a closed intranet loop where details of every employee, their work, task management, etc. will be updated. The information will remain closed to the organization itself.


How can Intranet portal solutions transform your business?

Well, the prime intranet portal solutions are available in diversified ways, but we’re highlighting the top ones that help you transform your business:

1. Promote communication/streamline engagement:

Streamlining foolproof employee engagement is a real struggle for organizations. An increased number of employees will only add to their work tasks. Having a social IT solution for their everyday work will encourage the employees to take full initiative and authority over their work. The more empowered your employees or team feel, the better they will be able to execute their tasks on certain levels.

With the intranet portal, the staff can regularly connect to a common space dedicated to them. On an everyday basis, they will have access to common information, and they will have no doubts about the current proceedings for work. intranet, this will also unite the staff by promoting better interaction.

2. Integrating/centralizing:

The main aim of opting for an intranet portal solution is to secure confidential information by eliminating its repeated sharing. An estimate says that the use of collaboration tools will rise from 55% to 79% in 2021. During Corona times, of course, the mass organizations have shifted their work towards remote work, followed by hybrid work post-Corona days.

Having a shared intranet helps businesses stay connected and updated with similar updates through integration. This also means that you can freely interact with other teams that are active with the current tasks and remain aware of their proceedings related to the project.

3. Secure log-in protocols:

One of the best reasons to opt for intranet portal solutions is that they provide their users with highly secure log-in protocols. Since the intranet itself is based on a centralized approach, the security solutions for them also include centralized authentication management and secure mobile access. For example, through intranet solutions, you can avail of Single Sign-On (SSO), Active Directory (AD), and Lightweight Directory Access Protocols (LDAP).

Apart from this, there are other protocols like digital signatures, transaction confirmation, and password protection for performing a certain task over the portal. You can be totally assured that your actions will be addressed and processed smoothly with advanced functions when you opt for intranet portal solutions.

4. Restrict information access:

In every digital organization, everything depends on information. Some projects and company details can be very critical to getting into unwanted hands or systems. To prevent this, several intranet portal solutions have been introduced for restricting the passing of certain information when it is not needed. The intention behind this is to not let the transfer of any important information occur without the consent or approval of the department concerned.

Directly restricting access to information is required for data that is allowed for sharing. It is also limiting what data is allowed and what is not. Staff should be limited to a range of information sharing, as giving them unlimited access can promote unwanted situations of data transfer to third parties. This especially can occur when some staff deliberately behave unloyalty.

Benefits of Intranet portal

Indeed, the intranet portal has immense possibilities for the corporate world and businesses to prosper securely. The above-written measures for the intranet portal solutions have been put in place to avail various benefits as well, which we have described as follows:

1. Building brand identity:

The top business value of the intranet includes building up a greater brand identity. With seamless communication and controlled sharing of documents and information, it is for sure that an integrated approach is implemented for the overall staff, team members, employees, etc. With this, the required information is shared, and the brand’s identity remains integrated in accordance with the required business perspective. like, everyone will have a similar thought process about the brand, which will help to increase the brand’s identity.

2. Document and data management:

Having an intranet portal solution assures your business of full-on data management and document management processes. This will all be explained so firmly and well that you will just not have to worry about anything. For example, you can easily search and find the exact document among the vast departments. Intranet portals incorporate existing tools and applications within their systems so as to eliminate the switching time between different apps. This way, the intranet saves a lot of effort for its users, every now and then!

3. Ensuring higher productivity

As soon as businesses implement the intranet portal for their everyday proceedings, they can notice a rise in productivity, saving them a lot of time for extra work. The streamlined and customized process of the intranet portals saves a lot of enterprise money through extensive integration. Apart from this, the intranet portal solutions also help them improve their disposition of any information and ongoing tasks.


Businesses can make their overall digital transformation a great success with intranet portal solutions by their side. The advantages and benefits it comes with are themselves proof of how simple the business proceedings are. Ever since the evolution of the intranet, digital businesses have made their internal spirits stronger and better able to coordinate.

Planning for your own business intranet portal solution?

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