Key components of a UI/UX web portal design!

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A web portal is the official representation of a company’s brand. Businesses invest millions of dollars in increasing their web portal design process. Have you ever imagined the reason companies from every sector invest this hefty amount of money in a sole web portal design process?

The reason is to maintain its sole status, surpassing every other competition!

The business wants their representation to be done in such a form that it could impair their target audience by the count of 3…2…1

It’s actually true because having a great web portal design will surely help with attracting more customers, and that too constantly!

Let’s get started with knowing the specifications for building up an iconic web portal design:
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Components of an attractive web portal design


A single sign-on is the very first thing a user sees or expects to see while signing in for any web portal. easy sign-in web interface makes every user faster to get into the task for their respective portal-related activity. One-point solutions have given many companies an added audience, as people find it faster and easier (and better and more secure) to get into the portal operations.

Nowadays, SSO (Single Sign On) for multiple sites prevails as a huge hit among the companies. This means that the user can securely connect a portal to multiple sites using a single sign-on feature. This prevents the pain of logging into different sites over and over as per requirements. You must have also seen the sign-in option via Google, Meta, or any other popular social media platform. They are also preferred by users, as most of them are already actively using one or all the social media platforms these days.

Layout & Navigation

Web portal design is the soul of the layout; it is most important to have a nice layout for an even nicer web design. The brands need to make sure that the user experience remains intuitive throughout the process. They should be able to find their respective data and space instantly, using the super responsive navigation features. Moreover, the display of the main menu, items, and portal elements should be highlighted, managed, and visualized in such a way that users can easily figure out what is present and what they can do with it. Using symbols, arrows, and other special characters also adds to this process.

Having great navigation won’t make customers deal with confusion or, lately, proceedings that make them frustrated. they will be easily able to navigate between different pages over the portal. Ultimately, a strong and diligent layout will be of great help for them to do so!


For any site design project or portal project, content is always the queen! Everyone will look and read what is written and visible there, right from the first page to the very one they will want to operate through. Now, if the content is somewhat misleading, not up to par, not well business-driven, not fetched with the point keywords that customers understand and look for, and many other relevant problems, it can actually create a lot of confusion.

To make the content more engaging, you must opt in for SEO perspectives. This will make your page crawl higher and more visible among the visitor’s lists. The portal, or site, thus has huge chances of getting a larger number of visitors!

Workflow management

Just like good design is more than just looks and feel, it is also good workflow management. A web portal design must utilize highly responsive workflows that could be set up according to the role. This is primarily required for the user documents, which require approval from their corresponding supervisors. Alongside role-based document management, the web portal design should encourage non-technical users to opt for a collaborative platform for their usual workflows.

By moving your portal to workflow management, you will be able to move the overall process to a centralized platform. This will cause the company to pass the information back and forth through different modes, such as fax, email, or phone. Thus, by utilizing automated workflows, any team could ensure that information is passed directly to the right person without any risk of losing track of it.

Responsive collaboration

Having collaboration features clearly drives engagement for most portals. The reason is that it actually centralizes the overall portal activities, which makes the employees work more efficiently. An ideal component for web portal design is responsive collaboration. These features are actually very successful with every kind of portal, especially partner portals. Users can easily share their work information without hassle and complete their tasks without getting their data lost or stuck.

What is the importance of having a classy web portal design?

There are many merits based on the priorities that web portal design sets up for the respective brand. Here we’re mentioning some of the best reasons why web portal design should be considered important:

It increases the customer conversion rate

A good web portal or site is sure to increase customer conversion, no matter how new you are. For any kind of business, if they have a good and well-designed site, they can actually impress a larger number of people than they can actually think!

  1. It is easier to reach customers with a well-designed web approach.
  2. A site with a great design has all the elements that help the customers do what they want without any distractions.
  3. A self-service Promoting web design promotes confidence in its users to perform their tasks.

It tends to reach a larger number of clients.

More leads can be generated as your brand showcases itself better. The modern-era digital world has made everything mobile-friendly. Nowadays, businesses tend to opt for serving everything over mobile. A responsive web portal design will tend to adjust automatically according to mobile. This will give the customers the freedom to do whatever and however they want!

Ultimately, business branding will win the stake every time you have the support of a great web portal design. You must get help from the best business software service provider, like Aixtor, to help you create the site of your dreams!

You can just reach out to us with your project requirements, and we will investigate the process with our best technical knowledge. You can absolutely trust us!

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