7 Types of Enterprise Web Portal with Examples

Types of web portal

A web portal is able to secure businesses with rapid data access, data security, and exact information delivery. Data acts as a vital element, and businesses need to keep an updated account of every format as its needs can arise at any time.

The wide range of functionalities, access, security, and AI-based responsive interaction is what makes the web portals popular. Compared to a site, a web portal solution has emerged as a one-stop solution for all business needs from scratch. Customers are ready to spend money on what they feel is the most convenient option for them. These web portals are, for sure, a better idea for businesses to explore!

Lets get in more details to know it better

What is a Web Portal?

Basically, a web portal is an online platform that fetches information from different sources into a single interface. Its primary job is to present the most relevant information to every visitor according to their context. Web portals have now been developed into a complete portal platform, supporting the various digital customer experience-based initiatives from data personalization, search navigation, information integration into task management, and work collaboration as well.

What are the types of web portals?

Based on the usage and categories as per corporate and enterprise business needs, to date, the web portal solutions have been divided into these many different types:
What is a Web Portal?

Banking & Insurance Portals

Banking and insurance web portal solutions aim to introduce seamless digital experiences for users from client, employee, agent and insurer perspectives. The major functionalities of this sector require advanced self-service and process automation based digital solutions, which are operated time to time by the parties involved.

Major features required for the banking/insurance-based web portal solutions

  1. Customer onboarding and account management
  2. Secure and superior level payment processing
  3. Extensive content management system functionalities
  4. AI-powered virtual assistant as 24/7 customer support
  5. Legacy system integration

Aixtor helped one of its global clients to build an insurance-customer portal, which supplemented Liferay’s out of the box features with low code no code capabilities. We leveraged a strong content and documentation management process, with super advanced and personalized user experiences.

E-commerce portals

An online product selling hub which allows everyone to take a close look at the product, reviews, order delivery details etc. and finalize to buy the product using online secure payment methods. E-commerce portals are the status symbols of being digitally superior in any business market.

Reliable features of an ideal e-commerce portal include:

  1. Advanced product pricing and catalog personalization
  2. Self-administered corporate account management
  3. Automation-based facilitated ordering process
  4. Secure payment gateway, with flexible options
  5. Comprehensive data analytics

Types of Enterprise web portal

Aixtor added a great feather to its portfolio by delivering an authentic E-commerce-based web portal for a leading Kuwait-based telecom company. The client was looking for a complete digital transformation for their enterprise reputation. We induce advanced level site interfaces with superior navigation system, and automation-based functionalities, with 24/7 customer support.

Patient Portals

Be it an integrated patient portal, or a standalone patient portal, they operate through advanced digital access to all patient data, separately. Using the most significant web interfaces, patient-based web portals are able to review and schedule doctor appointments, request/refill prescriptions online, and also perform transaction related activities as well.

Features of an ideal patient portals includes these many factors

  1. One click/Easy signup/sign in/login in and dashboard access
  2. E-prescription and automation-based consultation scheduling
  3. Personalized content, Telehealth checkups and health reviews
  4. Advanced and secure payment/billing lookouts

Intranets Portals

Basically, an Intranet portal is a gateway to access external information, to provide the users with more personalized data and information management. It is especially required in the corporate sector for overall HRMS and employee management activities. It reduces collaboration requirements on a separate level for every employee and improves information sharing at a centralized level.

An ideal intranet portal surely has the following core features.

  • Mobile-friendly navigation and search
  • Highly customizable and collaboration supportive
  • multi-level access to business data/info and user experience
  • Employee learning and knowledge base functionalities

Government Portals

Aixtor has assisted governments and semi government bodies of global countries and delivered to them the desired results based on their digital needs. We developed an employee engagement portal for a government body based in the Middle East, where they wanted to digitally transform their logistics and transportation business. Just like the regular features of the intranet portals, this digital product had features like –

  1. Streamlined work collaboration and communication process
  2. Employee centric for addressing queries.
  3. Active data management using automation-based functionalities

Extranets and Partner Portals

An extranet, or a partner/supplier/vendor portal, is a web platform which gives access to various resources, activities and performances they regularly need to review and market for their businesses. There are many different resources like marketing, pricing, selling, customer support, technical support, training, reports, payment status, delivery status etc. which a user may need from time to time.

A business partner portal/extranet must have these features according to today’s era business requirements.

  1. Partners, planning and contract management
  2. Partner onboarding, training, service and content management
  3. Performance and partner opportunity management
  4. Marketing and business intelligence management

Student & Faculty Portals

A knowledge base student portal is a web interface which provides an overall digital platform for the students and associated faculty to review their academic resources, update/change class and session schedules, topics, and study materials etc. On-line learning platforms became a big hit especially after corona hit the world and students were taught via online everyday classes.

Sample features of an ideal online knowledge base student portal.

  1. Unique and secure account creation for every student and faculty member
  2. Online application system with custom user experience-based functions.
  3. Multiple payment gateway options
  4. Additional student/teacher recruitment tools

How Liferay web portal can transform the digital user/customer experience?

Liferay’s self-service business portal platforms prove very useful for business aspects, like providing self-service, high grade automation, and agile functionalities, and data centralization tactics to make everyone aware of all the current updates holding onto the business. Liferay-based business portals quickly launch to the new digital touchpoints and have a very futuristic approach towards every kind of new update, technology adoption and growth. You can be assured of secure, fast and integrated support for all your small to big needs from the digital portal.

Aixtor can help you to have the ideal web portal solution for your business needs. You can just tell us your exact business requirements and our team will be in touch with you with the most modern solutions!

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